One of the main objectives of Wolverine is to create a portfolio of apps that can bring Haitians around the world together. Another one is to share Haitian culture to the world citizen who are interested or share similar culture.

Dekabes Domino

We are thrilled to publish our first product to you and are hoping it will please you. Our strategy is to serve you so please feel free to provide your feedbacks. We are open to critics and will get better with time.

This game is dedicated to my Dad first who passed away while I was working on this project, you will forever be in my heart. It is also dedicated to all Haitian expats around the world specially to the Haitian community in the Central African Republic. I will never forget the time spent playing dominoes every Sunday, the level and the atmosphere all accompanied with Haitian drinks and foods were unbelievable. So what are you waiting for? Download Dekabe's Domino today and play Haitian dominoes online with your friends.

Our Motto

Create quality product with a Haitian taste.



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